Burke’s 67 Mile Run


I’m soliciting your help.

Since I am 67, I thought it would be a good idea to try to run 67 miles all at one time. So, I intend to run around Bear Lake in northern Utah on August 2-3 this summer.

My goal is to finish in about 14 hours… that’s about 12 minutes per mile; not very fast.

I’m doing this run to raise funds for The Kentucky Riverkeeper, an environmental group here in Kentucky where my wife, Louan, and I serve with some really nice people on the board of directors.

The help I would like is your willingness to spread the word about an old guy like me running 67 miles around a lake. I would also like your financial support and the support of anyone you know in terms of making a donation to The Kentucky Riverkeeper.

I have run 10 marathons but I have never run any distance longer than a marathon – which is 26.2 miles. Put another way, my little overnight run around the lake will be equal to slightly more than two and a half marathons.

If you can help with a financial contribution of $1.00 or $2.00 per mile, please send your check to The Kentucky Riverkeeper; put 67@67 on memo line.  Results will be posted on our website and facebook.

The Kentucky Riverkeeper contact information and the place to send your tax-deductible contribution is:

Kentucky Riverkeeper
P.O. Box 1296
Richmond, KY 40476
859-859 200-7442

Thanks for your help!

Burke Christensen

Published on May 08, 2013

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